Staff Spotlight: Jesse Wielemaker

Hello Troiwest community! We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Jesse Wielemaker, one of the founders of Troiwest.

Before the launch of Troiwest, Jesse worked as a carpenter and obtained his Red Seal in carpentry. He was interested in starting his own company because in his experience he would come across things that he believed could be done better – that needed to be done better. He also wanted to find ways to be more intentional in communication with his clients. While he enjoys building great systems and making things more logical and efficient, he likewise strives to involve his clients in the process.

Jesse’s interest in carpentry had already gained traction in his teenage years. He explains “it was always a hobby of mine as a kid; it’s something I enjoyed – creating something. The possibilities are endless in construction.” Detail oriented and creative, Jesse constantly invested himself in projects of various shapes and forms. But housing ultimately captured his attention because of the personal connection with the customer and the idea of being about to make something a reality in a set amount of time. He also enjoys the process of accommodating the buyer and adjusting things along the way should it be requested. He thrives in an environment where things need to be adapted and strategies put in place to reach the optimal result. “For example, half-way through the build the buyer may realize that they want to add something…we can do that, I think this is something all buyers expect to be able to do,” he assures. Evidently the dynamic nature of building houses and the opportunity to work closely with customers are things that appeal to Jesse.

Troika Management & Troiwest Builders

The key step to the launching of Troiwest Builders Inc came about through the connections he had through Troika Management & Companies. Jesse, being someone who makes the most of every opportunity and with a genuine interest in people and making connections, came into contact with the Kelowna-based company somewhat haphazardly. He explains “I met one of my now business partners on a flight home to Kelowna. Several years passed and that initial interaction transitioned into a business relationship and eventually the launch of Troiwest.” Troiwest began six years ago and Jesse is thankful for the mentorship and business associations that he has working with the support of Troika Management. He adds “As part of the Troika Management Group of Companies, we are an organization whose members share a similar value system and it creates a level of connectedness that I am so thrilled to be a part of.”

These values are those which Jesse endeavours to also replicate within his own team. He explains that his current team is very adaptable and creative. He enjoys also being around people that are fun and lighthearted. He doesn’t want things to be taken too seriously and personally likes to be around people that challenge him.

When asked why he particularly decided to launch his business in Edmonton, he specifies that the young, growing, and fast-paced city has a lot going for it, making it one of the best places in Canada to own a business.


The company website lists “Putting People First” as one of its key objectives. Troiwest states that “Clients are the heart of our business, which means we don’t make the decisions, they do”. Jesse elaborates on how he perceives his clients: “They have put their trust in us and I want to make sure we are providing them with the best possible service. We appreciate their business and we understand the size of investment that it is to build a home and we want them to know we will be there for them during and after the build. Jesse emphasizes particularly the period after the project, explaining that “the after is very important to us as we recognize that this is where it can be common for the level of service to slide”. The longevity of a project typically takes 9 months: 2 months for pre-construction and 7 months for construction.

Because this client-contractor relationship is fundamentally important and channels the expanded vision of establishing strong communities, Jesse highly values the feedback that he receives. To him it is part and parcel of the creation process. “It helps us be aware of what future customers need and so in a way our clients become part of the direction we take. It helps us stay current with customer trends from the perspective of the buyer,” he reiterates.

Company Goals

Armed with a strong core team, an emphasis on client relations and aspiring vision, Troiwest inevitably has some ambitious goals. When asked about the goals for the company however, Jesse initially emphasized the importance he places on personal development for himself and his staff. Choosing to first model this himself, he states “if I personally fail to develop, we hit a ceiling. I have to take responsibility for that to work better and better support my team”. Expanding upon the value of team coherence and personal development is the priority of best serving their customers. He says “As we grow, our main purpose is to become better. I want to know that we enriched people’s lives and that they left better.”

Regarding projects, Jesse suggests that he would like to build in other provinces. He would be interested in building multi-family homes as well as working again in commercial projects, similar to those that he did at the beginning of his career.

In the meantime, if you are interested in building a single-family home with Troiwest, please feel free to contact Jesse by phone: (1) 780-914-4098

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