Wall Murals: Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Wall paper is making its comeback. But what’s the scoop on wall murals?

Home & Garden TV describes wall murals as one of 2020s top housing trends.Trendy as it is, the recommendation according to House and Garden UK is to select wall murals that are outside of space and time; timeless pieces that can tastefully create warmth and subtle aesthetic beauty. 

According to the wallsauce.com, the appeal of a wall mural is texture because it “impacts sensation and touch”. Texture is projected to be a big theme in 2021. Often we think of the image or pattern when we consider wall murals, but other design elements such as movement, and texture can help create an ambiance that we may not have even know that we were looking for. 

Barbara Heeb, our show-home interior designer, selected the wall mural pictured for our TroiWest show home. It depicts a valley cloaked in a soft mist, endearing us to a Western Canadian landscape that we know and love. The grey tones offer subtle accents into the home space without being overwhelming and the realism of the piece makes it a timeless work of art. This wall mural also pairs well with the paint selection, as it softens the white walls which would otherwise have a cold effect on the room atmosphere. 

A wall mural “bringing the outdoors inside” currently featured in our TroiWest Showhome

In discussing wall murals, Barbara shared various suggestions. She explained that if a customer really loves something, they will probably still really love it in five years. They shouldn’t shy away from entertaining a wall mural. When selecting a mural, it is important to know that it has a similar function to that of an accent wall. It attracts the viewer’s attention and ultimately should draw them into the space. Clients shouldn’t be worried that it will cause clutter but should instead keep other interior touches simple. There are many advantages to installing wall murals. For example, it can continue an artistic element present in other places in your home and thus create gentle and tasteful repetition. A wall mural can also have the effect of making a room look bigger. Barbara’s vision in particular behind the landscape mural selected was to bring the outdoors inside – a sentiment many of us can relate to with a little less travel this year. Wall murals are inexpensive and finally, should you ever move houses, you have the option of peeling it off and taking it with you!

The company that Barbara used for this particular mural was https://www.muraledesign.com, a Quebec company. There are numerous murals to choose from and there is even the option to send in your own photographs. 

Checkout more of Barbara Heebs interior inspiration on her instagram page; ultimatedesign_yeg

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