Benefits of a Quick Possession Home for Realtors

There are many benefits of a quick possession home. As a real estate agent, providing tours of a quick possession home gives your customers the best of both worlds when it comes to purchasing their new house. Not only are quick possession homes readily available to be moved in right away, but they are also brand new homes that won’t require any renovations or the clean-up that a resale home might. Read our blog for the top selling points of a quick possession home!

Benefits for Realtors Selling a Quick Possession

As a realtor your business model and financial stability relies on selling homes. Quick possessions offer several benefits that ensure you’ll make both you and your clients happy.

1. Faster Turnaround

Quick possession homes have a much faster turnaround from buying to selling. Typically, the paperwork can be finished within a week and a half, so your clients would have the potential to take possession of their home within 10 days! Quick possession homes also don’t require the same extensive inspections as the home is brand new. This means you can help your clients find their dream home and have all the legal documents and your commission wrapped up very quickly.

2. Show Homes Based on Your Own Schedule

When showing resale homes to your clients you have to work within the schedules of the homeowners and your own, whereas quick possession homes allow you to show a home whenever works for you and your clients. 

3. Quick Possessions are Always Ready for Showing

Showing a resale home can have some obstacles. Resale homes can be messy and have design tastes that don’t match with the client’s – making it difficult for the buyer to visualize what the home would look like as their own. Quick possession homes are not only always clean, but they also offer a clean slate for your customers to imagine their own furniture and decor throughout the home.

4. Tour Multiple Quick Possessions in a Day

There are multiple TroiWest quick possessions available for touring – all of which are in close proximity to one another! You can take your clients on a tour of all the available options in a single day, allowing them to see multiple floor plans and home styles in order to pick what is right for them.

5. Receive a Fair Commission

TroiWest Builders loves working with realtors! We understand that you’re bringing in motivated buyers who are ready to move into their dream home, which is why we have standard realtor commissions! For all buyer agents we offer 3.5% on the first $100k and 1.5% on the balance before GST. The average TroiWest quick possession home is $600k, which means your take home commission would be $11,000!

Benefits of Quick Possessions for Home Buyers

There are several benefits of question possessions for home buyers. Here are our top advantages to buying a quick possession home that you can talk to your clients about!

1. Quick Possession Homes Offer Better Energy Efficiency

Quick possession homes are still brand new construction builds. This means that quick possession homes offer the best quality HVAC systems, high quality windows, and a strong seal and building envelope. With a brand new roof, windows, furnace, and LED light fixtures, a quick possession home is far more energy efficient than a resale home that’s a few years old.

2. Quick Possession Homes Stay On Budget

Quick possession homes are a highly predictable price point for a new construction home. Quick possession homes are fully built and the price is set. If your client has a set budget for their new home, quick possessions are a way to purchase a brand new home with none of the moving parts. 

3. Quick Possessions Have All New Finishes

One of the main issues customers find with resale homes is the general wear and tear on floors and walls, as well as finishes looking outdated or aged. With a quick possession home your customers will have flooring with no scratches, walls completely free of holes or dents, and modern finishes to fit their style!

4. Quick Possessions are Covered Under Warranty

Another fantastic benefit of a quick possession home is that your customer will be the first owner. This means that the home is covered under the Alberta New Home Warranty Program which covers any defects in materials and labour for one year, heating, electrical, and plumbing systems are covered for two years, the building envelope is covered for five years, and the structural elements of the home are covered for 10 years.

5. Quick Possessions Allow You to Live in New Communities

Resale homes tend to be in older communities, which may not be what your customers are looking for. With a new community they will enjoy new infrastructure and roads, new commercial spaces, and access to other major centres. 

6. Quick Possessions are Move In Ready

The final benefit of showing your customers quick possession homes is that they are completely ready. Once a quick possession has been purchased, the owner can start moving in as soon as they want. This means that customers get all the benefits of a brand new home, while also skipping out on the wait time of a new construction home!

TroiWest Builders has a variety of quick possession homes that are move-in ready. If you have a client who would be interested in moving into a beautiful, brand new home, contact Jesse

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