Choosing Cabinetry

Anyone who has had the opportunity to build their own home will tell you that there are a plethora of decisions to make. Here at Troiwest, we aim to give you resources to make decisions about your home with intention and forethought. Instead of letting hundreds of seemingly minute decisions get lost in the build up, we want to equip you with information for the home that you will be proud to and satisfied to live in. 

It is a perhaps less known fact, but an important thing to note, as modeled by our Interior Designer Barbara Heeb, is to choose cabinetry before flooring. 

So with suggestions offered by Erin Gibson from Superior Cabinets, we have compiled some of her best advice for choosing cabinetry in the kitchen and bathroom spaces.

First of all, we discussed colours. While following popular trends is a temptation, she recommended choosing colours that were timeless as this is not an aesthetic that you would want to upgrade every five years. For example, she explained that navy blue is popular at the moment, but may not be in a few years. Instead, white is always trendy in addition to wood tones; both are more neutral and classic choices. If people are looking for something current, for example, they may find that they prefer to vary the style of the cabinet door knobs. Notably, black and gold are popular this particular year, while brushed nickel used to be the most popular. 

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Our Interior Designer Barb Heeb making some selections at Superior Cabinets

In terms of functionality and drawer/cupboard combinations, TroiWest uses a standard specification that is suitable for a standard home. In the event that clients may be particularly passionate about their kitchen space and want to enlarge the specification, the default upgrade that Erin recommends is first to add more drawers. Other upgrades for those passionate about the kitchen spaces include a lazy susan in corner cabinets, or a pull-out garbage and recycle centre. 

Regarding heat protection, there is some variation in the materials offered. One of the products called thermofoil is fairly sturdy under everyday wear and tear. It is easy to clean, and while it can scratch if grated forcefully, it is pretty durable. Also, an additional heat projector is added around the stove area, but even so, clients should be careful as to where they put the kettle, because with heat the thermofoil can peel around the edges. It is also recommended that the stove is pulled out when the self-cleaning function is activated so as to protect the adjacent cabinetry, because the stove gets very hot during the self-clean.

Other options of finishes include a lacquered finish; a sandwash, painted material. There is also TFL, a thermofused laminate, that has wood grains and a taped edge instead of a wrapped edge. 

In the bathroom the finishing choices are the same. Upgrades include adding a bathroom tower if you are looking for more storage options. It is important to note that a bathroom tower does take up counter space however, so be mindful of which is more important to you. 

We are excited to offer you a range of options through our partnership with Superior Cabinets. Superior cabinets is a company based out of Saskatoon and while there are some imported materials, everything is locally manufactured. We are thrilled to work with such a reliable Canadian company!

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