Do you know your EnerGuide rating?

Are you familiar with EnerGuide, how the rating is determined and what it means? Most people generally will recognize the EnerGuide logo (it is displayed on most appliances), but fail to have a deeper understanding of the rating system and the many benefits it has to offer. EnerGuide was developed by the Government of Canada to be a recognizable labeling system to rate the energy consumption for primary consumer items such as homes, vehicles and energy-using products.

EnerGuide rating is a way to determine the annual energy consumption of your home. It comes as no surprise that newer homes are built at a higher standard as codes constantly change to become more energy-efficient. The efficiency rating is measured in gigajoules on the EnerGuide scale, the lower the number, or closer to zero, means a more energy-efficient performance of your home.

Energy efficiency can be difficult to measure as there are many factors to consider when determining where the energy usage has been gained or reduced. Some of these factors may include significant weather changes, hot tubs or pools.

The Benefits.

With the growing consumer demand for energy efficiency, the guidelines for homebuilders are following suit with stricter standard requirements. TroiWest has taken a proactive approach in leading the way towards above standard energy efficiency. Our mandate is to be part of the solution in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change. As a builder, we offer an EnerGuide rating of your house as a value add feature for our home owners. An EnerGuide label is an official record of your home’s energy performance. The indicated rating of your home will help you better understand the energy performance of your home, lower your energy use and may help increase the resale value.

For more information, visit the Natural Resources Canada website.

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