Employee Spotlight: Brandon Quach

Hello Troiwest community! We wanted to take some time to introduce some of our staff! This month’s staff spotlight we would like to feature Brandon Quach. 

Born and raised in Edmonton, Brandon grew up in the River Valley, playing as many sports as possible (soccer, rugby, football, volleyball, basketball..you name it!) After High school he got his EMR to be a paramedic while playing semi-pro football. While involved with the football association, Brandon took as many opportunities as he could to volunteer, incidentally receiving the “National Community Service Award” that he didn’t even know existed. It was during volunteer opportunities, such as those with Habitat for Humanity, that sparked his interest in building and helped orient him towards this kind of career. He found that he enjoyed working with his hands and watching project development from start to finish. 

Today Brandon works as a site superintendent. His ability to adapt quickly, improvise and work diligently contribute to the strong work ethic of the Troiwest team. Brandon is calm, has a keen attention to detail, is full of creative solutions. 

Brandon enjoys the coordinating part of the job. He feels like he leaves work everyday in a good mood and has to also stop himself from working. He could see himself working with Troiwest for years to come. He enjoys working with Jesse because while he is challenged to come up with creative solutions, the requests are never unreasonable or beyond something Jesse wouldn’t have tried himself. He explains a scenario where Jesse demonstrated an example of this type of flexible problem solving  “One time he carried a shower tub all on his own. He then lowered it down a 10-ft foundation” Brandon added chuckling. Brandon appreciates that Jesse delegates leadership and responsibility easily. 

Outside of his time at Troiwest, Brandon also enjoys DJing on occasion at local bars and clubs. His diverse interests and zest for life certainly add to his already warm and upbeat personality! 

In terms of looking into the future with Troiwest, Brandon explains that he enjoys watching the company hit new milestones and move towards their goals. He’s particularly excited about the new opportunities to build out a Lakeview this Spring. 

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