3 Benefits to Buying an Infill Home

While the suburbs are often the preferred choice for first-time homeowners, Infills can be a superior option to revitalize a neighbourhood and invest long-term into an area. It’s a practice that usually involves taking an older, larger lot with or without a pre-existing home on it, clearing out the existing home if it’s there, and then building two separate homes on the original lot. This brings along with it several benefits to the owner as well as the neighbourhood.

1. Increases Investment

By utilizing space more effectively, infill development can increase investment in an area, both public and private. University of Delaware researchers found that infill development led to a significant increase in property value and increases in local public school investment as a result. Private investment also increased, resulting in a large influx of jobs in industries like finance or insurance into the area in question.

2. Environmentally Friendly, Responsible Growth

Sometimes when an area is developed the first time, the techniques and rationales behind building up said area don’t always age well over the course of decades. Maybe there’s inefficient use of space, or the materials are hopelessly out-of-date. Infills offer the opportunity for a do-over that, because they utilize already existing space more effectively, is more environmentally friendly than always sprawling out to new area.

3. A Community Face Lift

No matter what city you have driven through in your lifetime, there is always a pocket that’s been  neglected over the years. From abandoned buildings to skittish activity, these are places people are hesitant to plant roots. Infills are the perfect jump-starter to changing the community’s appearance and reputation, while encouraging others to come to the area and live here, which, again, can make infill homes’ values jump significantly over time.

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