Model Spotlight: Arizona vs Kaveri

Open to below ceiling feature? A home office? Walkthrough pantry? Our two latest single-family-attached-garage house models offer some cutting-edge contemporary trends. 

Our two latest models include the  Kaveri model, available in Gable or Modern elevations and the Arizona model, also with contrasting exterior finishes in Gable or Modern Prairie style. 

Both options contain walk-through pantries off of the garage directly into the kitchen and place the main living areas at the back of the house. Both have the possibility of a full bathroom versus a half bathroom and include home office spaces on the first floor. 

Similarly, both options contain a bonus room on the second floor, as well as a separate laundry room, main bathroom and ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom. 

However, there are a couple of distinctive features between the two homes that may be better suited to your buyer needs. 

For example, on the main floor, the Arizona model has a specifically designed mudroom off of the garage as well as a large foyer for receiving guests. The office space is near the front entryway and separate from the main living areas. 

In contrast, the Kaveri model has a slightly smaller front foyer for receiving guests but  a stylistic open to below ceiling feature visible from the front entrance. The mudroom is substituted with a rear entry way and the office is situated adjacent to the main living areas – less private but perhaps more accessible to hybrid family/work spaces.  

Kaveri Main Floor Plan Options

In the second floor plan, the Arizona model has each bedroom situated separately, with a separate toilet room within the main bathroom and the Master bedroom overlooking the front of the house. Conversely, the Kaveri model has two bedrooms situated side-by-side overlooking the front of the house and a separate toilet room in the ensuite bathroom as opposed to the main bathroom. 

Arizona Main Floor Plan Options

Finally, while both options have the possibility of suite development options, access to the mechanical room in the Kaveri is separate from the suite while access to the mechanical room in the Arizona requires suite access. The Kaveri places the bathroom between the two bedrooms while the Arizona has one bedroom on the opposing side of the suite. The Arizona has a more square living space with a centralised kitchen while the Kaveri has a longer shaped living room with the kitchen tucked into the corner. Overall the suite plans are fairly similar in size but the distinctions, particularly depending on the positioning of your home with sunlight may be important considerations when considering the design that serves you best. 

You can find out more by checking out “View Homes” on our website. 

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