Modern touches with Barb Heeb

Our Interior Designer Barbara Heeb has been hustling together some final touches in our TroiWest showhome, and we thought we’d share some of her suggestions for how she created the design. Her intent was to create a fresh modern space with some west coast influence. She drew attention to five particular features that help create this balance:  

1/ Go vertical

Vertical subway tiles

When selecting materials for various walls, texture as well as shape can have a significant impact. In the kitchen, Barb selected a subway tile for the backsplash. She chose to place the tiles vertically instead of horizontally to make the room feel more modern. The boards in the bathroom were also laid vertically. Size of tile and direction of the lines have subtle effects and are worth considering before locking in your choice. 


Contrasting colours for impact
  • Sharp contrasts between colours, especially in the current trend of grey, are important for creating impact. Modern feel requires combinations of impact and subtly. Behind the white subway tile in the kitchen, a dark grey grout serves to accentuate the perimeter of the tile. Likewise the black mirror and fixtures in the guest bathroom contrast against the white cabinets and walls.  

3/ Gold 

Hints of gold to add warmth

While colour contrasts are important, some warmth is needed to balance the overall lean towards neutrals. To warm up the space, hints of gold were added throughout the showhome. Something as simple as a gold fruit bowl on the kitchen island helped to mellow the rigidity of the neutrals and draw you in. 

4/ Round light bulbs

Round light bulbs

Round light bulbs also have an effect of making a place feel modern. The circle is soft and trendy, as well as harmonising. 

5/ Repetition

Repetition creates continuity

A final consideration is the importance of repetition. Throughout the showroom you will see elements subtly repeated that create careful continuity. The round bulbs are placed in the chandelier but also seen in the lights going up the stairway. Hints of green in flower pots and natural wooden furniture draw out the features in the wall mural. The black handles on the kitchen cabinets match the black chalkboard and the quote above the coat-rack in the entryway.  

…but don’t just take our word for it. Come and see her handiwork for yourselves! Book an appointment to visit the TroiWest Showhome today!

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