Customise your own home

Choose one of our models and customise it to suit your needs!

Are you looking for a builder to partner with you in building your home? Troiwest is ready to customise our popular models to your needs! Perhaps you have purchased a lot and are deciding on the design of your home. We would love to partner with you!

Why build with TroiWest?

Our TroiWest models have been intentionally designed for connectivity and interaction. While we are proud of these designs, they are not without dynamic possibilities that can be customised. This project is about us working together!

For starters, most of our models are created with the option of a basement suite as we recognise that generating additional income may be a helpful investment strategy for you. 

Additionally you may find that while you like a particular model, certain features from another home interest you more; so, well, why not combine the best of both?

Even some of our most basic models come with specific design options for those with more modest budgets. For example, the Lena model contains two completely different floor plans for the second floor: one option situates the master bedroom and 4-piece ensuite at the front of the house, the other places the master bedroom with a five-piece ensuite at the back.


Master bedroom located at the front of the house.

Master bedroom located at the back of the house.

Some options alter the front facade ever so slightly: the Rhine model offers two different main floor plans which alter the placement of the front windows of the great room. Similarly the Rhone model contains the option to extend the Master bedroom an additional two feet, altering the front of the home’s exterior aesthetic. We recognise that features in one home may interest you more than those in another, so we work with you to combine your favourite features into your ideal home. We also know that landscape, neighbourhood dynamics and sun exposure vary, so we strive to make the most logical decisions based on what you are looking for!

Rhine Option 1


Rhine Option 2



Home Office in a Work-from-home world

A popular feature in current housing trends is the Bonus room. Some of our models such as the Colorado feature a Bonus room. This is a convenient space for the home office, a second living room or a children’s play area.

Join with us and let’s create the home that you envision!

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