The Quintessential Kitchen Four

The more you know, the more you can create. There’s no end to imagination in the kitchen.

Julia Childs

Kitchen island

In the modern kitchen, the kitchen island has become an essential element. Featured in all our Troiwest homes, a kitchen island provides more preparation, cooking, storage, and entertaining space. For parents with young children, the 360 degree advantage of kitchen prep from any angle allows them to continue cooking while minding children. Additionally the breakfast bar feature provides a comfortable space for guests where the host can simultaneously cook. The effect of the island in the open-concept design also creates an illusion of a separate room while still enabling the layout of the home to feel spacious. 

Chimney hood

In the open concept floor plans of modern day housing, a chimney hood is an extremely valuable appliance in order to reduce kitchen smells, smoke and grease that could otherwise permeate into other areas of your home.  It is designed to remove airborne smoke, grease and from your kitchen by pumping the air outside. The Troiwest homes feature the extraction hood style which, rather than filtering and recycling the air back into your home, more effectively removes the unwanted air particles from your home. This particular design is hard to introduce later because it is supported by internal ducting. 

Quartz countertop

Looking for a non-porous, low maintenance, classy finish? The quartz countertop upgrade may be what you are looking for. Because the surface is non-porous, spills can be cleaned up quickly and efficiently. The counter is also stain resistant meaning that soap and water will wick away food stains without requiring the use of hard cleaning products. Painting projects however should be avoided on a quartz surface as it can be stained by certain resins and paints. The main advantage to quartz is that it does not need a sealant like other stone, thus eliminating the upkeep of periodic sealing. The surface is scratch resistant and heat resistant up to 150 degrees so while it shields much potential damage, it is not impermeable to extremely high heat or intentional scratching; oven roasts should be placed on hot plates and the counter should not be cut on directly (also for the sake of the kitchen utensils that could also be damaged by the hard stone). Available in various colours, the quartz is a classy choice. White and neutral tones add light to kitchen spaces, and unique colours such as light blue can be selected with this particular material. 

Walk-through pantry

Several of our models feature a walk-through pantry. The obvious benefit of this feature is the storage space, but additionally, in our models, the walk-through pantry comes off of the garage area making grocery transportation and organisation efficient. Benefits of the walkthrough pantry also include easy access to stocked ingredients, and a visual layout that makes it easier to keep up with inventory. Additionally the ample space for the storage of large, less used appliances like a panini press, crock pots or bread machines, enables less clutter on countertops.

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