Tips for moving house

Moving into your new home is an exciting experience but sometimes the transition can seem daunting. The process can, however, be much more predictable and stress-free with certain forethought that anticipates possible delays and inconsistencies.  

Several things to consider when planning your move include creating a schedule and having specific moving techniques, sourcing moving products, mail-forwarding, researching commercial moving companies and moving options, and setting up utilities.

When considering the timeline of the move, certain elements of the move can be prepared well in advance of others. If you are having trouble conceptualizing the task, regardless of the plan you put in place, packing a few less used items can mentally help you put this process in motion. 


If deciding to pack up your home yourself, it is important to source specific supplies for your move such as packing tape, tape dispensers, fragile tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, picture boxes, varied rectangular boxes, wardrobe boxes and seat/mattress covers.

When packing items, set items that you need until the last minute in a specific box. Begin with the least-used items first, and varying weight in boxes; it is important to have boxes of different sizes and to put heavy items in small boxes. On a practical level, kitchen appliances are most easily stored and retrieved in their own box. 

When packing the boxes, packing paper can ensure that fragile items are protected but towels and bed linens can also fill in small spaces. Labeling boxes is also an important step that can sometimes be missed but that helps with the organizing stage on the other side of the move. 

For transportation you can hire a moving van, but it is important to factor in the time that you may be delayed when managing a move yourself compared with a professional moving company that is aware of the potential delays in a move. Consider a full day rental to be equivalent to a few hours with a professional company when comparing pricing. 

Finally when transporting items, ensure that you have proper equipment for transporting or sufficient help for dismantling furniture and lifting furniture. Avoiding injury for those involved in the moving process as well as avoiding damage to your new home as furniture is transported, is very important. 

Professional Movers

Depending on budget, professional movers are an excellent option. The most important thing when hiring professional movers is to ask for an itemized quote listing what their service includes. For example, often the cheapest option might omit moving needs that you hadn’t considered such as protection for furniture, allowance for delays or packing supplies. 

Benefits of professional moving companies can include packing supplies, free cancellation and rescheduling, and specific protection for furniture and carpet. Correctly maneuvering and transporting items is also something that professional moving companies offer that is often overlooked when taking on the task oneself. 

Mail forwarding

Setting up mail forwarding with Canada post is a helpful service to put in place as you change over your mailing address. This buys you extra time as you move into your new home to update your legal information where needed. 

Setting up utilities

Setting up utilities is also a very important aspect to consider as you move. Once you have your possession date, you can easily have your water, electricity, gas, internet and cable TV setup and ready for the day you arrive. 

Possession day is a very exciting moment in your journey with your Builder, and we at Troiwest want to ensure that your move is as smooth a transition as possible. Having a plan in place will allow you to celebrate this pivotal milestone as a new homeowner.  


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